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CLAMF Competition 10th November 2019

November 26th, 2019 by admin

Combined Speed and Warbird Stunt.  The usual entrants turned up for speed except Murray as he was in S.A. Once again the weather did not look promising but turned out to be great for flying. I flew my Proto model NR .28 but it was a bit slow so I put it away. Harry was flying a Class 5 with NR.21 (what else) and had 3 consistent flights, it needs some prop compression sorting to go faster, he also flew the old OS Class one model for 3 more good flights.

CLAMF Competition 10th November 2019

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We had a new guy! fly speed, club presi-dent Paul. I set up my old Rossi “Devil” model with an Enya CX11, this is the en-gine that got me into Class 1 decades ago. He flew well for 3 reliable flights, having never flown out of a dolly before, just hope he goes onto something faster, a NR .12 in a modern model would be the go.

I also had a fly of my old Moki S12 FAI speed motor in my Irvine model. It runs well and sounds great. I tried to fly it at Albury in 2 rounds but had pipe seal prob-lems, then I had a go with my old 1996 Profi, it ran OK but a bit slower than Moki.
Mark and Harry flew FAI but Marks cut out after about 6 laps. Harry had to pull out of a fast run as he had hooked the handle pivot bar under the pylon “V” and the model was starting to pitch high and low.

Andrew flew his NR12 for another 3 flights and he is getting faster, hoping to break into the 17,s which he did the week later after mak-ing up another prop slightly bigger radius an a little more pitch he did high 17,s consistently. Ken flew a ½ A Proto with a Fora 1.5 diesel. It was OK once got tune correct, he also flew Simple Speed with an simple rat model pow-ered by a AP Hornet glow? Time to get the NR12 out Ken and challenge Andrew.

We hoped to fly “Perky” speed but only 2 models were available so we decided to fly that the following week but still only 2 models showed up so we decided to fly anyway. But! my K&B 15 broke a crankpin on the ground, so Andrew decided to fly his Fora instead of his very fast Parra but after a few flight it seized in the air, we are awaiting the post mortem. I have set up a model to give guys a fly of mono-line, originally it was a Two-Up but that met a tragic end. Next I tried an old Class 4 speed model that had a K&B 40, but that would be too fast for learners, so a HP40 was fitted with a few mods as well as a spring nose wheel off my old radio model. The motor had no compression, but who needs compression?

I test flew it OK so then Mark Ellins had a go as he once flew the Two-Up, he mastered it OK, then someone else tried and hit the ground twice and did a shaft run. It sounded great and the comp improved slightly. I have fixed the damage and the model is ready for next pupil, so if you want to have a go it is there.




Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Proto Novarossi .28 29.33     29.33 197.53 91.34%
2 A.Nugent Class 1 Novarossi 12 18.62 18.35 18.13 18.13 198.57 88.36%
3 H Bailey Class 5 Novarossi .21 17.73 17.14 17.25 17.14 210.04 86.87%
4 R Hiern FAI Moki & Profi 14.20 15.00   14.20 253.52 85.14%
5 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO Fora15 D 37.11 N.E.L 30.69 30.69 117.30 84.00%
6 K Hunting S/Speed Ap Hornet 30.59 26.80 27.13 26.80 134.33 82.09%
7 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 20.20 19.66 19.54 19.54 184.24 81.99%
8 P.Stein Class 1 Enya CX 11 21.00 20.25 20.20 20.20 178.22 79.31%
9 M.ELLINS FAI Profi N.E.L         0.00%
9 H Bailey FAI Profi N.E.L         0.00%




CLAMF Competition 20th October 2019

October 28th, 2019 by admin

Coreflute Combat  and Classic Stunt.  The October contest at the CLAMF club was a very casual laid back affair with the scheduled events of F2B and Classic Stunt plus Coreflute combat approached with regard to the not so favourable windy weather. 

CLAMF Competition 20th October 2019

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Some of the Stunter models were brought out of the cars but there was no rush to get a contest underway as the flying conditions were marginal. Every time it seemed that the wind was dropping off there would be a gust that was enough to give anyone second thoughts though eventually the six models and their pilots were persuaded to have a few flights.

Ron Lacey was given the task of unofficial Judge and without the use of score sheets formed a personal opinion of who flew the best flights of the Classic Stunt pattern. Harry Bailey had flown a couple of flights of his “Dolphin/Double Star 40” before Ron did his assess-ments so based on the lack of eye witness judgement he gained 6th place. Murray Wilson flew some very nice flights with his electric motor powered Warbird and was granted 1st place.

Mark Ellins and Paul Stein both flew “Noblers” and were judged to be equal second. Mark might have fared better if he had stuck to the Classic pattern instead of chucking in a few ad-lib F2B manoeuvres. Andrew Nugent’s new “Caprice” looked the part and was granted fourth. Robin Hiern campaigned an Aeroflyte “Thunderstreak” and was judged to be 5th place.
Thanks for judging Ron, but don’t give up your day job!




CLAMF Competition 21st July 2019

July 26th, 2019 by admin

Speed and Classic Stunt.  Our speed contest for the 14th was washed/blown out, in fact after we left there was a lake beside the circle with ducks swimming, so we planned to have it the following weekend. The weather was not good during the week and did not look promising on Sunday morning but we went anyway, well it turned out a great day, not much wind, in fact we even managed to fly Classic Stunt, and NO rain. The usual guys turned up to have some fun.

CLAMF Competition 21st July 2019

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You will see by the results that Murray flew an extra entry, no we have not cloned him or his identical twin, he was flying some of the late Noel Wakes models that his brother Phil wanted to see fly again. Also Mark ## flew his OS CZ11 Class 1 on short lines again to practice pylon rotation in training for his FAI class so really Harry won the OS class!

I flew both my NR models, which are going slow, my fancy so called better one is slower than an old more basic one [moral is you don’t need a fancy NR to go fast]I still have my old No 1 resting. We flew Perky but as we only had 2 entrants we cannot get and average as winner is determined by closest to average. Paul returned to fly, as he started the Perky class here, I used an old OS 15 diesel, not one of OS’s finest products, they per-form better on E-BAY $$$.

No one flew FAI for a change, they are having a rest?? Just out having fun, which is what it is all about. Does anyone know if Nelson plugs are still made, I have tried the guy that took over Nelsons stuff but got no answer, Steve Roth-well had some but not now, we need about 100. Still looking for a TRANSITRACE unit, Harry contacted Goran Olsen, but he has sold all of his last batch and won’t do another run until there is enough interest to makea batch. He now has our club on the interested list.

We have a few alternatives we are working on as getting one will help relieve our regular timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake.
Murray has nearly finished his Class 5 [.21] model with a Nova Rossi .21[what else] I did for someone ages ago. After speed we then flew classic stunt, we had 4 entrants, would have been 5 but Col Collyer pulled out with motor problems, may have had more but looking at the preceding weeks weather, Stunt would have been the last thing on your mind. That has always been the advantage of Frankston many time weather looks hopeless yet we have a great day.
Robin Hiern.

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 16.31 16.68 16.72 16.31 220.72 98.22%
2 M.Wilson 2 Class 1 Novarossi 12 17.33 17.28 17.63 17.28 208.33 92.71%
3 M.ELLINS ####### Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 17.42     17.42 206.66 91.96%
4 M.Wilson 1 Class 1 OS 12 tz 18.16 18.08 18.49 18.08 199.12 88.61%
5 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO   N.E.L 31.78 29.59 29.59 121.66 87.12%
6 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 20.15 20.35   20.15 178.66 79.50%
7 H Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 37.89 36.24   36.24 159.87 78.67%
8 R Hiern Proto Novarossi 28 NT         0.00%

Classic Stunt Results.

Model/Engine Points

1st Murray Wilson OS 35S/Nobler 613
2nd Mark Ellins ST46/Kittyhawk 564
3rd Andrew Nugent OS46LA/Nobler 548
4th Harry Bailey Double Star 40/Dolphin 485



CLAMF Competition 16th June 2019

June 27th, 2019 by admin

Classic FAI and Vintage A Team Race.  The regular monthly contest at the Frankston Club was held on Sunday June 16th. The weather during the preceding week had been horrible but the Sunday turned out to be a calm sunny day and was enjoyed by those that chose to take advantage of the flying opportunity.

CLAMF Competition 16th June 2019

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Vintage A and Classic FAI team race took place with two heats in each event. All teams opted not to fly a final raceThere was plenty of non-competition spare time to test fly some models, do some sports flying and run a few engines. Harry Bailey.

Classic FAI T/R Results.

Pl. Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Engine

  1. K. Hunting/H. Bailey 4:36.15 4:33.75 Parra
  2. A. Nugent/M. Ellins 4:47.55 4:38.87 R250
  3. M. Wilson/N. Baker 5:09.35 4:39.50 Nelson ABC

Vintage A T/R Results.

Pl. Team                               Heat 1   Heat 2   Model/Engine

  1. M. Wilson/N. Baker 3:18.97 3:27.18 Olympian/R250
  2. A. Nugent/M. Ellins 3:22.38 3:20.97 Dimpled Dumpling/R250
  3. H. Bailey/K. Hunting 4:04.38 3:47.72 Olympian/C.S. Oliver







CLAMF Competition 19th May 2019

May 30th, 2019 by admin

Speed & Coreflute Combat.  This month’s scheduled contests at the Frankston field were Combined Speed and Coreflute Combat. The sun was shining and in the early part of the day the wind was very light. Ideal flying conditions. A mixed bag of assorted models were set up in the pit area and all models were given a line check and pull test. They all passed.

CLAMF Competition 19th May 2019

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Robin Hiern was the first to fly with his Proto model. He was hoping to produce enough speed to try to re-claim the class record that was set by Francis Jacobsen at the recent Nationals. His one and only flight was not a good setting and after a model inspection the model was found to have a breakage in the engine mounting plate.

Murray Wilson had more than his required three flights with his F2A model and he managed to produce better times than he could generate at the recent Nationals.

Harry Bailey flew three classes, one of which was a Proto model that was built by Noel Wake. He also recorded a personal best time with his F2A model but used the combined speed yolk in the pylon. He needs more F2A pylon yolk practice.

Ken Hunting flew a couple of 1.5cc classes (Midge and 1/2A Proto). Andrew Nugent put in three consistent flights with his FAI model and a couple with his Class 1 Novarossi 12 powered model.

Mark Ellins had a problem with his Profi engine in his F2A model so did not record a time.. The carbide weight in the crankshaft counterbalance came loose.


Pos. Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %

1. M. Wilson FAI Profi 12.75 12.73 12.48 12.48 288.46 96.88%

2. R. Hiern Proto Novarossi 21 29.65 29.65 195.40 96.16%

3. K. Hunting 1/2 A Proto Fora 27.73 27.65 27.65 130.20 93.24%

4. H. Bailey FAI Profi 13.45 13.45 267.66 89.89%

5. A. Nugent Class 1 Novarossi 12 18.28 18.23 18.23 197.48 87.88%

6. H. Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 20.63 20.33 19.75 19.75 182.28 81.11%

7. K. Hunting Midge PAW N.E.L N.E.L 11.19 11.19 129.44 79.09%

8. H. Bailey Proto Force 21 40.95 36.25 36.25 159.82 78.65%

9. A. Nugent FAI Rossi 15 FI. 16.15 16.06 16.31 16.06 224.16 75.28%






CLAMF Competition 11th November 2018

November 26th, 2018 by admin

Speed & Warbird Stunt.  A good entry for our last speed comp for the year which was held under ideal conditions. We managed to get 5 entries in Class 1 [2cc], this class has picked up since the 10 % nitro rule was introduced. We managed to get 5 entries in Class 1 [2cc], this class has picked up since the 10 % nitro rule was introduced.

CLAMF Competition 11th November 2018

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Andrew has his going better now due to an engine rebuild, just a bit short on laps, but since fixed due to a room added to the tank.
Mark Ellins flew his rebuilt OS CZ11 PS with a new P&L, the old one only lasted 22 years!!!! It was first used in my Class 1 for the Nationals in England, and later in his Mini Good-year. He has been flying on different fuel and lines to get Pylon practice for his entry into FAI class , but as he has now graduated, proven by his flying in FAI and doing good times, so it has been suggested that his time not count, but his name appears
in results as he flew, I believe if you fly your name should appear somewhere.

Murray flew his Profi FAI but only got one flight as others flamed out for some reason after about 7 laps. I flew in FAI using my MOKI 12 S piped speed model in the old Irvine model. Engine is 1980’s vintage, like the Hungari-an team used. Ken tried his Novarossi 12 model but props are too big and engine still too tight, so put one of mine on (which is too small, but should get a flight), however model problems occurred. He managed some good ½ A Proto flights as did Harry, who also flew his Class 1 in the OS!! Class as well as his Proto model with rebuilt NR .21, P&L was getting a little tired after nearly 25+ years winning Class 2 T/R many times as well as Open Rat and Proto, not bad for a $170 motor. We were going to fly Perky but only Andrew and I had models and you need 3 so you can get and average, and closest to average wins, not fastest time, how-ever bragging rights go to FTD.

He then flew it in a Perky worldwide postal comp, managed to set some good times, event finished on Thursday 15th. I believe that the winner from USA was using a Novarossi 15 and f/g prop, I don’t think this is exactly what Perky should be??Perkys are nose heavy anyway, but fly superbly. With a Novarossi the C/G must be around the prop driver area, Andrew Nugent uses a Parra 15D which was retired from his Classic FAI TR, he converted it to glow and goes very fast, my Fora glow is heaps slower. This model has also suffered from marginal laps so it has a room extension on the tank now. Keith Baddock flew his Aeroflyte “Fury” Vintage A T/R as well for fun videoing it as he flew in pylon. It is powered by a Frog 250 diesel 1950, I remember flying this in Vintage T/R at Moorabbin in the 1980’s for him, and we thought this was what VT/R was all about. [wrong!!] Once again he turned up and flew so we put him down as an entry to encourage entrants.

Thanks again to our Chief Timekeeper Ron Savage and helpers as well as Fiona Wilson and Andrew Nugent for the hamburgers with “the lot” for lunch. Warbird Stunt was also flown along with Vintage [carnage] Combat, we also had a contest-ant from S.A in Greg “Taipan” Nelson. It was good to see all events listed on the Calendar for the day flown.
Report by Robin Hiern.

Warbird Stunt

Sandwiched between the speed flying and Vintage Combat, five contestants put their Warbirds models through the Classic Stunt pattern. Paul was the solitary judge and although he had a model available he elected not to fly. Ken Maier was the only competitor to fly two rounds. He flew a Spitfire powered by an Elfin 2.5 diesel. On his first flight the en-gine stopped after the clover leaf and he landed inverted. His second flight scored better points but he failed to do the clover leaf. Non the less he improved on his first score by seven points. Murray Wilson flew his electric powered “Lavochkin” for the day’s highest score of 112 points. Mark Ellins had his P40/ST46 work-ing well to take second place.

Another ST 46 powered model “Mustang” was flown by Andrew Nugent and his 101 points claimed him third place.
Final place went to Harry Bailey flying a well aged Carl Goldberg P40/OS35S. This model is ra-ther heavy and does not posses any flaps and combined with Harry’s limited stunt flying skills a resultant 73 points was attained.

Warbirds Classic Stunt Results.

Pos. Entrant Points Model/Engine
1. Murray Wilson 112 Lovochkin/Electric
2. Mark Ellins 105 P40/ST46
3. Andrew Nugent 101 Mustang/ST46
4. Ken Maier 97 Spitfire/Elfin 2.5
5. Harry Bailey 73 P40/OS35S

Pos Name Class Engine F1 F2 F3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 1 Novarossi .12 16.23 16.64 16.83 16.23 221.81 98.71%
2 M.Wilson FAI Profi N.E.L 12.56 N.E.L 12.56 286.62 96.26%
3 M.Ellins   ######## Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 16.70 17.08   16.70 215.57 95.93%
4 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO CS .09 27.51 27.55   27.51 130.86 93.71%
5 M.Ellins FAI Profi 13.08 13.06   13.06 275.65 92.57%
6 A.Nugent Class 1 Novarossi .12 NT 17.52   17.52 205.48 91.44%
7 H Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 33.87 33.85 32.57 32.57 177.88 87.53%
8 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS   18.84   18.84 191.08 85.03%
9 H Bailey 1/2 A PROTO OS 10 32.71 32.63 34.12 32.63 110.33 79.01%
10 R Hiern FAI Moki S12 S 16.29 15.37   15.37 234.22 78.66%
11 K Hunting Class 1 Novarossi .12 N.E.L N.E.L       0.00%



CLAMF Competition 16th September 2018

September 25th, 2018 by admin

Speed & Vintage Combat  The weather forecast did not look good wind and rain, just as it has been for about 4 weeks, I cannot remember so many days of high winds.

CLAMF Competition 16th September 2018

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Once again we were lucky with the weather despite the forecast, only light wind and mild temperatures. We managed to set 2 more benchmark records on the new 10% nitro fuel rules. Class 4 [.40] and Class 2 [.29]. Only needs someone to set a Class 3 [.60] time and we will have a complete set, in time before the next Nats at West Wyalong, which will make it a level playing field, does not worry me as I won’t be there.

Murray had done some testing of his Nelson .29 model the week previous, he has had to find a lower Pitch prop for his piped motor for 10% nitro, he ended up using a SHERLOCK single blade that Stuart made for my .21 model years ago. I was going to try my [Dud] Dub Jett 40 in place of my ST X40, but it did not run right as the piston kept expanding. So instead, I fitted up another old piston and liner from all the worn out X40 bits to make a good fit and ran it in, managed to do 2 good flights slightly faster than I did in February.

We had 3 in the OS !!!??? Class1 category, Mark used smaller lines and different fuel again as he wants to get Pylon practice for the next faster class????he is entering. Harry B and Ken H flew their ½ A Proto models. Ron Lacey had his first speed flight with Murrays old ST G21-29 a 2 line model. Welcome to the club. We needed to push the comp along a bit as it is not fair to have our volunteer time-keepers sitting around waiting as they are not even club members.

Robin Hiern

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 4 Super Tigre X40 15.23 15.09   15.09 238.57 100.00%
1 M.Wilson Class 2 Nelson 29 10.97     10.97 264.19 100.00%
3 M.Wilson FAI Profi 13.17 12.85   12.85 280.16 94.09%
5 K Hunting Midge PAW 10.51 10.47 10.17 10.17 142.42 87.02%
6 R Hiern Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 18.44     18.44 195.23 86.88%
7 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO CS .09 D 40.70 30.35 29.77 29.77 120.93 86.60%
8 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 18.84 19.03   18.84 191.08 85.03%
9 H Bailey 1/2 A PROTO OS 10 FP 33.37     33.37 107.88 77.26%
10 RLacey Class 2 Super Tigre G21/29 15.25     15.25 189.96 71.90%
4 M.Ellins Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 17.20 17.31 18.61 17.20 209.30 93.14%

The other planned event for the day was Vintage Combat and Nathan Baddock and Les Spaltman had some model testing flights whilst the Combined Speed was in progress. At the conclusion of the Speed contest we had our customary BBQ lunch and chin wagging session before getting Vintage Combat underway.

A few of our regular combateers did not turn up (probably because the weather forecast was not very promising) but the five that were in attendance took advantage of the pleasant fly-ing conditions that prevailed throughout the afternoon. The ground conditions were favoura-ble for combat, none of the gritty dust that was encountered at the West Wyalong Nationals and soft but not boggy earth. A draw was made and because of the odd num-ber of entrants Harry Bailey got a bye in the first round and then flew twice in round 2.

First up in Rd 1 was Mark Ellins V Les Spaltman. Mark had 2 seconds more airtime than Les and the cut count was two for Mark, one for Les. Next up was junior member Nathan Baddock ably assisted by father Keith (mechanic) up against Murray Wilson. No cuts in this bout and Murray’s 240 points for airtime was greater than Nathan’s 78 points.

Les Spaltman had a bout that he enjoyed with Harry Bailey in Rd 2. One cut each but Harry had more air time.
Murray V Mark was next and carnage ensued. Win for Mark. Murray’s Parra ended up with bent engine lugs but the engine continued to perform well when it was grafted into a different model. In Nathan’s next bout he got a cut on Harry but spent a lot of time on the ground. Harry won by a margin of 7 points.
Only three remaining in the contest now so it was a battle for podium positions. Murray V Harry produced four cuts for Murray against Harry’s two cuts with a slight airtime advantage for Mur-ray.

Mark flew against Harry and then Murray and lost on both occasions so now the final bout to de-cide the winner would be Murray and Harry. Last time these two met in a final decider was in Wyhalla and on that occasion Harry’s “Warlord” had it’s lines cut and the model did a fly-away so Murray was the winner. On this occasion the roles were reversed, Murrays model landed within the flying site boundary and Harry obtained a cherished victory.

Vintage Combat Results.

Place Entrant Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd3 Rd 4 Rd 5

1. H. Bailey W W L W W

2. M. Wilson W L W W L

3. M. Ellins W W L L

=4 L. Spaltman L L

=4 N. Baddock L L





CLAMF Competition 12th August 2018

August 29th, 2018 by admin

Speed  The weather forecast did not look good wind and rain, just as it has been for about 4 weeks, I cannot remember so many days of high winds. I got there about 9 am to check weather at field as it is often good at field but not elsewhere, also guys from a distance away could ring me in case comp was off. However weather was good all day a bit of a breeze and warm, ideal to fly speed. Comp did not get of till a late start, maybe they thought it was off.

The usual guys turned up, unfortunately Andrew Nugent could not take part as had to work again. I wanted to update the Class 1 record again as I had gone faster than at the Nat’s, I had 2 flights with Novarossi 12, both were within 2/100 sec of each other.The time of 15.56 is under old record of 16.02. My model is now being processed for a record claim.

CLAMF Competition 12th August 2018

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There were a few other Class 1 models, Harry had his OS CZ11PS model, 3 good times, Mark had his but used the old lines as he is using it to practice in the py-lon for some other FASTER class? Ken had his NR 12 model but did not fly, he flew a 1/2 Proto with a CS 09 diesel and his Midge/PAW as well.

Harry flew his old Class 2/Proto model after I rebuilt P&L as it was worn out at Nat’s. The old P&L only lasted 20 + years. They don’t make them like they used to!!!, this motor is bargain basement model I built for him for Waikerie Nat’s, it holds the Class 2 T/R record and has won most Class 2 events that it has en-tered as well as a few Open Rat events as a tortoise and hare, just so reliable, well it was until it wore out!

Murray flew his old G21/29 ST 2 line Class 2 model, for 3 consistent flights, Time to get the Nelson sorted out to set a proper rec-ord before the next Nat’s at WW? next year, someone should attempt to set a Class 3 and Class 4 record.
If a full set of records of records are not available for comparison it could be a sham at the Nationals, it won’t affect me as I won’t be there. I did attempt to set a Class 4 record earlier this year, but got one flight and the old ST X 40 broke again and I have now run out of bits.

I need a stronger motor. I am shoe-horning an old DUB JETT motor in to see if it will work. Our next comp is in September 9th, this weekend’s comp was rescheduled from the comp from July which was blown /rained out. I hope the weather improves to be better than it has been lately.

Thanks to our regular timekeeper Ron Savage and Phil Wake, joined by Neil Baker this time, thanks guys. Unfortunately 27 Goodyear and Carrier Deck was not run.
Robin Hiern.

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 15.56 15.58   15.56 231.36 102.96%
2 R Hiern Proto Novarossi 21 N.E.L 28.78 29.16 28.78 201.31 99.06%
3 M.Ellins ### Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 17.3 17.12 17.13 17.12 210.28 93.57%
4 H Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 32.76     32.76 176.85 87.03%
5 K Hunting Midge PAW N.E.L 10.24   10.24 141.45 86.43%
6 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 19.22 19.21 18.83 18.83 191.18 85.08%
7 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO CS09 D 30.33     30.33 118.69 85.00%
8 M.Wilson Class 2 Super Tigre G21/29 14.14 14.22 14.08 14.08 205.74 83.10%
  ############# Mark Flew on old line size to gain fast rotation for faster      



CLAMF Competition 12th November 2017

November 29th, 2017 by admin

Speed  & Vintage Combat. The speed day for our regular fliers turned out to be hot with light winds. One of the things we tried to do was set some new proper speed records, now that the Maximum of 10% NITRO rule is through. This applies only to official Australian classes as per MAAA rule book. For unofficial classes, use whatever you want. We need to have a complete set of genuine records so that when we go to the West Wyalong Nats in April 2018 it is an equal playing field not a lottery. I have done testing over the last few months with 10% and not found any problems. So far we have 3 base records in Class 1 =2cc , Class 5 .21 and B Proto.

CLAMF Competition 12th November 2017

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Class 1 seems to have had a bit of resurgence lately with Mark, Andrew and Harry flying regularly helped by the fact of using low nitro fuel, maybe justifying the change. Noel did not fly as he was unwell. Murray had 2 flights with his F2A at a good speed. Thanks again to our 3 timekeepers Peter Roberts, Noel Wake and Ken Hunting. Thanks to Fiona and Rebecca Wilson for the lunch. We still need guys to set records in other classes. I expect the ones that had the rec-ords in the high Nitro days to be the ones to set them, but anyone is welcome just get out and fly. The sooner we do and get models processed we can send to MAAA to process the red tape. This does not leave much time till the Nats in April. The official glow fuel mix is 20% castor, 10% nitromethane and 70% methanol. It’s the same as F2D combat have used for years. Thank you for everyone who turned up.

Robin Hiern

Speed Results:

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern  Proto . 10% fuel Novarossi 21 N.E.L 28.51   28.51 203.21 100.00%
1 R Hiern  Class 5 .10%fuel Novarossi 21 14.89 15.30   14.89 241.77 100.00%
1 R Hiern  Class 1.  10%fuel Novarossi 12 N.E.L 16.38 16.02 16.02 224.72 100.00%
4 M.Wilson FAI Profi 12.47 12.33   12.33 291.97 98.05%
5 M.Ellins  Class 1.  10%fuel OS CZ11 PS 17.25     17.25 208.70 92.87%
6 A.Nugent  Class 1.  10%fuel Novarossi 12 17.63     17.63 204.20 90.87%
7 H Bailey  Proto . 10% fuel Novarossi 21 31.61 31.60   31.60 183.34 90.22%
8 H Bailey  Class 1.  10%fuel OS CZ11 PS 19.12 N.E.L 18.97 18.97 189.77 84.45%

The Vintage Combat contest took place after the lunch break. Mark Ellins and Andrew Nugent were conscripted into cut judging and found a shady spot at the side of the club barn to keep out of the rather hot sun.

There were not many spare hands to help with running of the contest so the four competitors doubled up as mechanics when they were not flying.

Murray Wilson suffered two destroyed models in his two bouts and exited the contest at an early stage. Ken managed a win against Murray and then had two losses against Harry and Tony. Tony was beaten by Harry in the first bout of the day and the pair met up again in the final bout and Harry won that bout by two cuts to one so finished the day as the un-beaten winner.

Vintage Combat Results. Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4

  1. H. Bailey. W W W W
  2. T. Caselli. L W W L
  3. K. Maier. W L L
  4. M. Wilson. L L





CLAMF Competition 10th September 2017

October 6th, 2017 by admin

Speed  & Coreflute Combat. Weather for our comp was perfect, considering the cold /wet/wind, we have had for weeks before and after. We must have pleased the speed gods. A good turn up, with a few flying Class 1 [2cc], we had a variety of setups, some of the upright OS 11 guys are still on the thinner wires to make it fair against the Novarossis. Some are now using the 10 % nitro fuel that is coming in soon. The MAAA passed it months ago but have not notified members.

CLAMF Competition 10th September 2017

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To be legal for the 2018 NATS at West Wyalong, rule must be in place 6 months before a Nationals, which means 17th October. A long time ago it was suggested we go to 10% ni-tro, and I was against it personally as it was another facet of engine tuning coming up with a good brew, however now that Propylene Oxide has become almost unobtainable and expensive, and running high nitro without it is a disadvantage. If you had some no problem, but if not you are slower. Newcomers would not know how or where to get it so we cannot have the haves and the have nots. I now think that 10% is a great idea for everyone, easier on motors and a healthier option, not that I have any trouble with my Novarossi. Meanwhile back to the contest. I am having a few health issues and have no energy and shortness of breath, Doctors are still investi-gating, I flew my Class 5 and Class 1 to try I would not have been able to keep up with anything faster, was having trouble on the 10 %. Murray flew one of his Profi FAI’s not his good one, he was going to fly his old G21 -29 ST 2 line but ran out of time as he also flew in the vintage combat competition. Noel and Andrew flew there Perkies but only 2 flew so, Andrew was the fastest so he was declared the winner. Need 3 to get an average result. Once again thanks to our timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake for timing etc. and Fiona for the Lunch. Next comp is in November 12th time to set some provisional records.











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