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CLAMF Competition 10th September 2017

October 6th, 2017 by admin

Speed  & Vintage Combat. Weather for our comp was perfect, considering the cold /wet/wind, we have had for weeks before and after. We must have pleased the speed gods. A good turn up, with a few flying Class 1 [2cc], we had a variety of setups, some of the upright OS 11 guys are still on the thinner wires to make it fair against the Novarossis. Some are now using the 10 % nitro fuel that is coming in soon. The MAAA passed it months ago but have not notified members.

CLAMF Competition 10th September 2017

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To be legal for the 2018 NATS at West Wyalong, rule must be in place 6 months before a Nationals, which means 17th October. A long time ago it was suggested we go to 10% ni-tro, and I was against it personally as it was another facet of engine tuning coming up with a good brew, however now that Propylene Oxide has become almost unobtainable and expensive, and running high nitro without it is a disadvantage. If you had some no problem, but if not you are slower. Newcomers would not know how or where to get it so we cannot have the haves and the have nots. I now think that 10% is a great idea for everyone, easier on motors and a healthier option, not that I have any trouble with my Novarossi. Meanwhile back to the contest. I am having a few health issues and have no energy and shortness of breath, Doctors are still investi-gating, I flew my Class 5 and Class 1 to try I would not have been able to keep up with anything faster, was having trouble on the 10 %. Murray flew one of his Profi FAI’s not his good one, he was going to fly his old G21 -29 ST 2 line but ran out of time as he also flew in the vintage combat competition. Noel and Andrew flew there Perkies but only 2 flew so, Andrew was the fastest so he was declared the winner. Need 3 to get an average result. Once again thanks to our timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake for timing etc. and Fiona for the Lunch. Next comp is in November 12th time to set some provisional records.











CLAMF Competition 9th July 2017

July 24th, 2017 by admin

Speed  & Vintage A Team Race. Murray had his FAI speed model up on the pace to record a couple of fast flights.

CLAMF Competition 9th July 2017

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The three Class 1 models did not have much of a margin between them but Andrew Nugent managed to break through the 18 second barrier to claim the bragging rights for the day. Noels Vintage Proto model only managed one flight but the engine gave out before completing the distance. Judging from the lack of compression there might have been a hole in the top of the piston. It was good to see Vern Marquet make an appearance at the field.


Name Pos Class Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest KPH %
M. Wilson 1 FAI NEL 12.28 12.28 293.16 98.45
A. Nugent 2 1 18.10 17.33 17.33 207.70 78.70
H. Bailey 3 1 18.13 18.10 18.10 200.00 75.36
M. Ellins 4 1 18.30 20.83 18.11 198.80 75.30
N. Wake 5 VProto NEL        
K. Hunting 6 Half A DNF        

We also had an overseas visitor at the field. Brian McFail was on holiday from Arizona and called in to watch the proceedings and have a chat.


Perky Speed

Name Flight 1 Flight 2 Fastest
A. Nugent N/T 44.28 44.28
N. Wake 47.9 48.18 47.44
M. Wilson 40.05   40.05

The average Perky time was 43.92. The closest time to the average was the 44.28 set by Andrew Nugent which gave him the winners honours.

The Vintage A Team Race that was re-scheduled from the Vic State Champs only attracted three entries so it was decided to go straight into a final race to be flown over the concrete surface. As it turned out, that was a decision that Har-ry Bailey and his “K31” model came to regret because grass can be more forgiv-ing.

Wilson/Baker took a few practice tanks to get a race setting on the R250 in Neils “Olympian” but were eventually good to go. Mark had fitted a (tuned) Parra T3 in his “Dimpled Dumpling” and was giving the com-bination its first race outing. The engine had previously been used in a Classic FAI model but was yet to be tested for Vintage A.

All three models were quickly in the air at the start of the race and were circulating at a steady even pace. At the first pit stop it was evident that the Bailey/Roberts “K31” was getting a little more range than the other two models and was marginally quicker in airspeed. After the second pit stop the “K31” slowed off a little with a lean setting and gained some extra range. At the next stop Peter opened the needle a little and the speed returned and it was looking that a first place was on the cards for Harry and Peter but on lap 153 the outboard wing folded upwards and the model took a dive into the concrete with a resultant total write off for the model. Wilson/Baker took the winners honours with a time of 7:09.34.

Vintage A Team Race

Name Final
M. Wilson/N. Baker  7:09.34
A. Nugent/M. Ellins 07:16.9
H. Bailey/P. Roberts DNF 153 laps









CLAMF International C/L Champions Cup 26th-29th January 2017

March 2nd, 2017 by admin

F2A & Combined Speed, Stunt, F2C, Classic FAI & Vintage A Team Race, 27 Goodyear, Goodyear, Vintage Combat. Fabulous weather greeted competitors for the inaugural CLAMF 2017 International C/L Champions Cup 4 day event at CLAMF Aerosports. Some parts of Australia were in the grip of some really hot weather but in Victoria we were fortunate to avoid the big heat and our contests were carried out under blue skies and moderate winds.

Thursday the 26th was Australia Day and by lunchtime most of our interstate visitors had arrived and had been practising with their models. The first event of the afternoon was F2C team race. It is interesting to note that none of the four teams entered had both team members from the same state of Australia and the teams were grateful to have the opportunity to get some serious racing up against top class opposition. Some very respectable race times were recorded by all entrants. Leknys/Reichardt almost failed to post a time after three failed pit stops in a row but managed a clean run at their last attempt.

CLAMF International C/L Champions Cup 26th-29th January 2017

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A point of interest is that Fitzgerald /Ellins used the model that they displayed at the recent Word Championships in Perth. As a noise reduction measure, this model has a shroud fitted around the engine exhaust. On the evidence from this contest, the model is no slower than a similar model without the shroud, engine performance did not seem to have any detrimental characteristics and the modelsounded noticeably quieter than all the other models in the contest. Wilson/Poschkens again showed that they can be consistent and are capable of producing some very fast race times.

Following on after Rounds 1 & 2 of F2C on Thursday was Classic FAI Team Race. The event was run using the proposed rule chang-es. This meant that Oliver replicas had 15cc of fuel Parras 10cc and Nelsons 7cc and a restricted venturi size. Paul practised with his “Espadon” but the engine threw a propeller during flight and Paul withdrew. Paul thought he had fitted a Graupner 7×7 to his Parra but it turned out to be a similar looking Master Airscrew and it was obviously not up to the job in hand. Wil-son/Poschkens had some needle valve problems and Leknys/Ellins had a run in on take off in the first heat. Cameron/Fitzgerald had a smooth run in the final with very quick pit stops. Justic/Lacey needed to do an additional pit stop to complete the race to gain second position.

The large grass circle at Frankston is in lovely condition. It was put to good use by a small Classic Stunt group that included returnee Derek Pickard. It was Derek’s first contest since picking up a control line handle again and he was happy that he was able to complete the pattern without getting dizzy. Gavan Opperman had the misfortune of re-kitting his model. Thanks go to the contest judge, Peter Robert

Four different model designs were involved in some close Vintage A team racing that was flown over grass. Paul was up to his usual quick start pitting standard to post quickest time of the day. Some very close times were recorded during the heats on 27 Diesel Goodyear. The Owen brothers did a model line change before a race but must have neglected to check the controls. A resultant wing over into the concrete made a mess of the model and R250 engine. There were no recorded speeding infringements.

The final race in Goodyear was won by the last man standing. Wilson/Ellins kept blowing plugs and the supply finally ran out and the tank valve on the Justic/Owen model stopped holding the tank pressure. The F2A contest only had three entries Murray Wilson managed to record a time for each of his four flights.

Robert Fitzgerald was Mark Poschkens’ proxy pilot. It took a few flights before they man-aged to record a time and the model had a tendency not to groove in a level flight. The flight in round 4 was suffering this problem but the required laps were completed but as the handle was removed from the pylon and the shutoff operated, the situation got worse and the model had a high speed contact with the concrete which ended its flying capabilities. Richard only managed to record one.

The Combined Speed contest was scheduled to follow F2A. Robin had brought along a selection of models and was going to be using the 10% nitro fuel that has been proposed in the rule changes in some of them. As the contest was about to start Robin received a phone call which resulted in him having to make an early departure. Harry, Noel and Murray had a few flights.

Vintage Combat was flown on Saturday following Vintage A and 27 Goodyear T/R. There was a varied mix of models and engines. Keith Baddock used an O.S. 15 glow. Murray Wilson won all his bouts to claim the number one position. There was a fly off between Robert Owen and Tony Caselli to decide second and third place. Robert had to borrow a model off Ken Maier for the fly off.

Reports taken from Australian Control Line Newsletter Issue 127. March 2017.

F2C Team Race          
Team Heat 1 Heat 2  Heat 3  Heat 4 Final
Wilson/Poschkens 03:12.2 03:14.2 03:14.4 03:47.5 06:25.1
Fitzgerald/Ellins 03:26.1 03:20.0 03:13.0 DNS 06:28.1
Justic/Lacey Refly 03:20.2 DNS 04:09.2 DNF 65 laps
Leknys/Reichardt DNF 56 laps DNF 75 laps DNF 36 laps 04:13.8  
Classic FAI Team Race          
Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Engine  
Cameron/Fitzgerald 04:16.8 DNS 08:44.5 R250  
Justic/Lacey 04:11.5 DNS 09:11.4 Parra  
Bailey/Roberts 04:29.0 04:33.7 09:23.2 Parra  
Owen/Baddock 05:08.4 04:58.3   Parra  
Wilson/Poschkens DNF 38 laps DNS   Parra  
Leknys/Ellins DNF DNS   Nelson  
Classic Stunt Best of 2 Rds        
Peter Koch 461        
Paul Stein 456        
Colin Collyer 400        
Gavan Opperman 350        
Derek Pickard 292        
Vintage A Team Race          
Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Model/Engine  
Justic/Stein 03:13.5 DNS 06:38.3 Dimpled Dumpling/ R250  
Wilson/Baker 03:21.1 03:14.2 06:53.7 Olympian/R250  
Bailey/Roberts 03:17.3 DNS 07:11.1 K31/R250  
Hunting/Baddock 04:41.1 04:11.7   Tarantula/CS Olly  
27 Goodyear T/R          
Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final    
Hunting/Wilson, Justic 05:15.9 05:13.1 10:36.9    
Lacey/Wilson 05:00.7 05:11.8 10:41.2    
Bailey/Roberts 05:43.0 05:14.6 12:11.9    
M. Owen/R. Owen 05:52.9 05:34.1      
R. Owen/M. Owen DNF 3/4 lap DNS      
Goodyear T/R          
Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final    
Fitzgerald/Poschkens 03:58.5 03:40.1 09:19.3    
Wilson/Ellins 03:30.5 DNS DNF 140 laps  
Justic/Owen 03:45.6 DNS DNF 31 laps    


Vintage Combat        
Entrant Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4
M. Wilson W W W W
R. Owen W W L W
T. Caselli W W W L
K. Maier L W B L
H. Bailey W L L  
N. Robertson L L    
M. Ellins L L    
K. Baddock L L    


Pos Name Engine  Flight 1  Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Fastest Km/h %
1. M. Wilson Profi 12.52 12.49 12.43 12.77 12.43 289.62 97.26%
2. M. Poschkens Profi NT NT 12.68 12.73 12.68 283.91 95.35%
3. R. Justic Zalp NT NT 13.35 NT 13.35 269.66 90.56%
Entrant Class Engine Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Fastest Km/h %
H. Bailey Proto Nova Rossi .21 32.31 34.84 30.48 30.48 190.08 79.15%
N. Wake Proto Force 25 33.54 34.57 33 33 175.56 73.11%
M. Wilson Class 2 Super Tiger G21 N.E.L. 13.62 NT 13.62 212.69 72.69%





CLAMF Competition 11th December 2016

January 18th, 2017 by admin

Classic FAI  & Vintage A Team Race. Classic FAI and Vintage A team race models were in action at the last racing competition of the year at Frankston.

There were six teams entered for Classic FAI. Some people doubled up on team membership to help make up the team numbers. Keith Baddock was on hand for the CD duties and he kept the teams focussed on the day’s racing. The engines used on the day were mainly Parra’s and Fora’s and the Nugent/Ellins team were using a Nelson. Harry Bailey had the crash of the day which resulted in a wrecked model and a two piece Fora.

CLAMF Competition 11th December 2016

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Wilson/Lacey had a comfortable win in the 200 lap final race finishing one minute in front of Nugent/Ellins.

Vintage A models were next to fly on the concrete circle. Harry Bailey and Ken Hunting elected to use CS Oliver engines whilst Wilson/Baker and Nugent/Stein used R250. Paul had his repaired “Dimpled Dumpling” Ken Hunting had a “Tiger Terror” and both Bailey/Roberts and Wilson/Baker were campaigning “Olympian’s”. Nugent/Stein were the eventual winners.

Classic B was also on the events list for the day but with only two models ready to race it was difficult to raise enough enthusiasm to move over to the big grass circle and mark out the flying lines so we all took a break from racing and some sports flying took place instead. Andrew Nugent was seen putting a Vintage Combat model through its paces.

As this was the last contest for the year we organised some take away Indian curry and fish & chips and utilised the facilities available at the CLAMF barn. Rebecca brought along an Oreo cake for desert.

Andrew Nugent


  Vintage A Team Race        
Pos Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Model/Engine
1 Nugent/Stein 03:12.6 DNS 06:48.1 Dimpled Dumpling/R250
2 Wilson/Baker 04:01.1 03:20.9 07:06.5 Olympian/R250
3 Hunting/Ellins 03:52.0 DNS 08:41.1 Tiger Teror/CS Olly
4 Bailey/Roberts 05:47.1 03:59.9   Olympian/CS Olly
  Classic FAI Team Race        
Pos Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Engine
1 Wilson/Lacey 04:25.0 DNS 08:40.1 Parra
2 Nugent/Ellins 04:56.8 04:26.3 09:48.8 Nelson
3 Ellins/Hunting/Stein 04:38.9 04:29.6 10:15,41 Parra
4 Hunting/Nugent 05:18.7 05:12.4   Fora
6 Bailey/Roberts DNF 78 DNS   Fora







CLAMF Competition 13th November 2016

November 18th, 2016 by admin

Speed & Combat. Once again despite the bad forecast for high winds and rain we had a great day at Frankston. It often happens we go down to field thinking it will have to be held the following week, but due to its sheltered nature we can still fly. A few could not come due to previous engagements and some thought the weather was too bad to fly despite the bad forecast of rain and wind we managed to have a good day of speed flying with the usual regulars turning up for some fun.

no images were found

The regulars turned up for a bit of flying. Murray has a new Class 2 model with an old ST G21/29 RV in it which went ok but on second flight went lean and at end of flight prop was windmilling.That is why I have a cut-out on my 2 line models.

Noel flew Vintage Proto with his Chatterbox with Enya 29 which had a bad vibration. This model still bounces badly on landing something that Vern’s model did as well. Speaking of Vern he is slowly getting better and we hope to see him down one day even if for a chat and coffee.

I flew my old Moki S6T piped classic FAI first flight ok but tried another prop and would not come on pipe so I also flew my No. 2 Class 5 Novarossi. Noel was the only one to fly Perky so he must be the winner. We really need minimum of 3 so you can average times as winner is closest to average.

Harry flew his Golden Arrow Class one with OS PS11. We did a bit of an experiment after first flight and put one of my old props on then for the third flight we used my fuel and that took a second off time. With a bit more fiddling we should achieve times into the 16 seconds.

We have had a bad run with weather lately and the Knox club have been trying to have a club day for over 3 months either blown out or a flooded field. CLAMF has not held a contest since May except for 3 speed contests. I believe if a contest is on we must try to fly or people will drift off.

Andrew is developing a new calendar for next year and he would like your input of what you would like to fly so please let him know. As for speed the guys would like more club comps as we only had 4 this year, with 6 being the preferred. I will send a rough draft of what Andrew proposes so you can check out and comment.  It has 5 in at present we need to slot another in somewhere.

Knox Model Aircraft Club (KMAC) have asked us to fly speed so we should  think of dates for there as well for the their calendar. To avoid flying on a stunt day as the stunt guys don’t like us flying when they fly as what happened one state champs  we could only fly between stunt flights and then asked why it took so long to fly! I thought it was all aeromodelling..

I would like to thank our timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake again as well as Fiona for BBQ lunch also the guys that turned up so we could have some FUN.

Robin Speed…

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine F1 F2 F3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 15.07 15.28 14.89 14.89 241.77 90.19%
2 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 18.73 18.41 17.29 17.29 208.21 86.21%
3 M.Wilson Class 2 ST G21/29 13.74 13.97   13.74 210.83 72.05%
4 R Hiern Classic FAI Moki S6T 20.04 NT NT 20.04 179.64 70.36%
5 N Wake Vintage Proto Enya 29 NEL 54.37 NEL 54.37 106.56 55.82%
6 R Hiern Vint/FAI Moki S3 NT NT NT     0.00%
  N Wake PERKY Force 15 43.54 46.32 46.56 43.54 133.06  



CLAMF Competition 11th September 2016

September 20th, 2016 by admin

Speed & Combat. Despite the bad forecast of rain and wind we managed to have a good day of speed flying with the usual regulars turning up for some fun. We are lucky at Frankston field as we have a good windbreak which enables us to fly ok when it appears to be no good.  We must never cut down the foliage on one side of the field; I might go and fertilize it !! I would like to thank the guys that turn up to fly as well as our chief timekeeper Ron Savage and Masterchef Mark Ellins on the day.

CLAMF Competition 11th September 2016

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Robin preps a speed model for flight.

I believe if a comp is listed we should make all effort to fly as if we don’t people may not turn up next time. I flew my class 5 for 2 flights a bit slow then Noel and Andrew flew their Perky Speed models, Andrew being the fastest, mine was the slowest.

Andrew then flew my old FAI model 1970’s with a cheapo Russian UCTHAM 15 which went surprisingly well and reliable in Classic FAI. I also flew my 1976 World Championships upright Speed model with a Moki s6t 15 piped but was a bit slower although very easy to operate. Both will go better with development just for fun !

Harry Bailey flew his OS PS11 and ASP 12 in Class one, the OS was faster.  Harry also flew in 1/2 a Proto Speed with an OS10 as did Ken Hunting our eventual winner. Noel flew his Chatterbox Vintage Proto this time with an Enya 29 but sounded like needs more compression and had a very bouncy landing with the wing breaking loose in the fuselage; easily fixed with glue.

Next comp is in November and the field should be dry by then.

Robin Hiern.

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine F 1 F 2 F 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO OS 10 29.33 26.16 26.16 137.61 98.55%
2 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 13.92 14.01 13.92 258.62 96.48%
3 A.Nugent Classic FAI Uctham 15 16.44 16.50 16.44 218.98 85.83%
4 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 & ASP 18.78 18.02 21.23 18.02 199.78 82.72%
5 H Bailey 1/2 A PROTO OS 10 32.97 32.60 32.60 110.43 79.08%
6 R Hiern Classic FAI Moki S6T 20.34 19.71 19.71 182.65 71.59%
7 N Wake Vintage Proto Enya 29 53.98 57.99 53.98 107.33 56.22%

Perky Speed Results

A.Nugent PERKY Fora 15 g 42.34 41.84 41.70 41.70 138.94
R Hiern PERKY Fora 15 d 44.78 N.E.L 44.78 129.38
N Wake PERKY Super Tigre G20-15 46.47 43.70 43.70 132.58
Winner = average speed R.Hiern 129.38kph
Fastest time day = A.Nugent 138.94kph






CLAMF Competition 14th August 2016

August 17th, 2016 by admin

27 Goodyear & Navy Carrier. Light winds and lots of sunshine made for some great C/L flying at CLAMF Aerosports. HMAS Seaford stayed in dry dock so a few Navy Carrier pilots took the time to refine model and engine combinations ‘sans’ deck.

CLAMF Competition 14th August 2016

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Navy Carrier models being prepared for flying.

Our junior pilots flying multi-purpose ‘Terminator’ models impressed the crowds with a high standard of flying skills; competition ready! A few Goodyear racers and combat models also took to the sky during the day. It’s always enjoyable to be at the field with everyone to catch up on the latest news and make some noise.





CLAMF Competition 10th July 2016

August 1st, 2016 by admin

Combined Speed. A bit of Despite the bad weather forecast (high winds/rain, etc.) the Sunday morning was O.K. We had a good contest, the wind was not a problem and no rain but after we left it did deteriorate. The theme seemed to be mostly vintage models, not planned that way but that’s how it worked out.

CLAMF Competition 10th July 2016

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Speed model pits

Noel had a new Vintage Proto “Chatterbox” with an Enya .29. These models don’t seem to land that well as Vern Marquet also has one and it bounces badly on landing, Noels does the same, although on the second flight it had a bad vibration and shook the wheels off and landed much better on just the u/c legs.

We had 3 Perky models so we were able to get an average of the times. I flew my Perky to see if I could manage flying as I recently had health issues when a major vertigo attack put me in hospital for a week. It was thought I may have had a small stroke and my balance was very bad, so I was not sure if I could fly, but I managed O.K. Harry flew the only modern model. His Class 1 “Arrow” 2cc had undergone some recent repairs and had a few range issues [like all of us]?

After seeing Carl Dodge fly his old 1970’s “Pink Lady” and TWA .15 at the World Champs for fun, I got mine out and made new piston. It still needs some sorting out as I have not been able to do some test flying. Also tried my Moki S6T which was a late 60’s piped RI/RE FAI engine used by the Hungarians. For Vintage FAI I tried my Moki S3 .15 RI SE, with Super Tigre type porting. Andrew flew his Fora .15 glow to be fastest “Perky” and Noel tried a ST G20 /.15 glow. It was good for us to get out and have our speed fix as it is 5 months since our last club speed contest. Do You guys want more per year?

Once again thanks to Ron Savage and Phil Wake for timing and other helpers for preparing lunch etc.

Robin Hiern

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flt 1 Flt 2 Flt 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS N.E.L N.E.L 19.90 19.90 180.90 74.90%
2 R Hiern 60,s, 70,s FAI TWA &MOKI S6T N.E.L N.E.L 21.39 21.39 168.30 70.13%
3 R Hiern Vint/FAI Moki S3 N.E.L 23.19 23.19 155.24 69.94%
4 N Wake Vintage Proto Enya 29 48.10 55.30 48.10 120.45 63.10%


Perky Speed

Pos Name Class Engine Flt 1 Flt 2 Flt 3 Fastest Km/h
N Wake PERKY Super Tigre G20/15 N.E.L 61.72 46.55 46.55 124.46
R Hiern PERKY Fora .15 D N.E.L 46.12 46.12 125.62
A.Nugent PERKY Fora .15 G 42.34 41.61 41.12 41.12 140.90
R Hiern 125.62 KPH










CLAMF Competition 12th June 2016

July 3rd, 2016 by admin

Classic FAI Team Race. A bit of news on the Classic FAI scene. Today at the CLAMF field we had a test session for our old classic models. I had prepared an old Dennis Prior model, saved from under Tony Cincottas house after he passed away. This particular model was flown by Dennis and Theo Georgiadis at the Dutch World Champs in 1976. The fact that it was built for a Bugl engine interested me as Neil Baker had in his vast engine collection a Replica Bugl engine made by Profi.

CLAMF Competition 12th June 2016, Classic FAI Team Race

Picture 1 of 14

Classic FAI team race competitors.

I received the engine from Neil and prepared it to fly. We flew it twice prior to this week and I had made some subtle changes each time, cleaning up the shape of the P/L and improving the setup of the drum valve induction system. Thanks to Ron Lacey for making the special mounting tool for the drum valve. Each time the drum is removed it must be remounted into the engine with the special tool to centralize it in the crankcase. Initially, some improvement was made but unfortunately this engine was not a good performer.

I had never wanted to flog this engine but it was nice to see a Bugl engine in the air again. Particularly in an old original model from that era. I am now rebuilding the front of that model to fit a Nelson T/R engine.

Thanks Neil for the opportunity to run this engine. It will now be cleaned up and mounted in a Bugl style wooden box that these engines originally came in.

Also on the day we ran a couple old Nelson engines.

Neil ran his “Classic Nobby/Nelson” model beautifully built and recently repaired by Ray Harvey. After a few prop changes and adjustments, Neil had it running well with myself on the handle. This was an ABC engine. The lack of engine vibration compared with the Parra engines that we use was very noticeable.

Next up was Mark (W/C) and myself with Ron Wilson’s 1978 W/C model. Powered by a Nelson Steel fitted with a new piston made by Robin Hiern. This engine continues to improve at about 23 for 10 for 35 laps. Robin took it home to make some subtle changes to the piston shape.

Using the same model we then ran an engine of mine with a piston made by Alan Barnes of New Zealand. Alan would be wrapped to know that we are still running one of his engines. It went well at about 21.8 for 35 laps on 7cc of fuel. This is an AAC engine and we were running a smaller venturi than I used to. This was to conform to the new rules proposal that should be mentioned elsewhere in this issue.

Well it was a great days flying considering a chilly Melbourne winters day.

Thanks to everyone for coming,

Andrew Nugent.




CLAMF Competition 14th February 2016

February 21st, 2016 by admin

Speed & Navy Carrier. Good weather greeted us for the comp day although it was a little hot! Only Speed was run once again thanks to our regular timekeeper Ron Savage and Phil Wake, also thanks to club for the gazebo for shelter and help on the day.

CLAMF Competition 14th February , Speed & Navy Carrier

Picture 1 of 21

F2A Speed model being prepared for official flight.

The regular gang turned up with Noel flying 3 classes, I had 2 models one was a new Novarossi .21 for Class 5 that I built up. In practice days before it was a bit disappointing considering the excellent readings on the test bench but slowly improved during comp; only had 7 tanks so far.

Murray flew his No. 2 FAI model which was a bit slow as he was testing some new props that did not work. After the comp he tried a few more which went well. Harry and Ken flew their 1/2A Proto to South Australian rules in old Mini Goodyear models.

Next comp is Victorian State Champs with FAI and combined on Saturday with the longer line speed models on the grass at Frankston on Monday.


Speed Results

  Name Class Engine F 1 F 2 F 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 14.90 14.64 14.06 14.06 256.05 95.52%
2 M Wilson FAI Profi 13.22 13.03 13.00 13.00 276.92 93.00%
3 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO 29.39 29.39 122.49 87.72%
4 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 15.33 N.E.L N.E.L 15.33 234.83 87.61%
5 R Hiern Proto Novarossi 21 27.76 29.16 27.76 208.70 86.91%
6 H Bailey 1/2 A PROTO OS 10?? 35.00 31.59 31.59 113.96 81.61%
7 N Wake Vintage Proto Magnum 25 N.E.L 40.75 40.75 142.18 74.48%
N Wake PERKY Force 15 47.34 47.81 49.43 47.34 122.38


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