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Open Combat

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Open Combat

Open Combat is the most frantic, exhilarating, eventful and scariest combat event there is.

This event allows motors up to 6cc to be used, these big beasts create awesome amounts of brute force, but it is an event which reliability is a major key to success.

Having reliable models and motors, which are user friendly and easy to start, will help the competitor go far in this competition.

These models are much larger than that of F2D and 1/2A, but fly just as fast and turn just as tight with no speed loss during the turns.

This event is the one most loved by spectators, as it is known that in this event there is a lot of mid air collisions and lots of confetti from foam models so 2 models are allowed to be used in each bout of open combat.

The winner of the 4-minute combat bout is determined by the amount of cuts and airtime added together.



[Australian Rules]

4.6.1. Open Combat to Australian rules is similar to FAI Combat [F2D] but allows larger models and modified contest procedures. F2D rules apply unless specifically changed by these rules. Radius of flight circle:
Radius of centre circle:
22 metres
2 metres
a) Maximum surface area: unlimited
b) Maximum weight: 5 kg
c) Maximum loading: 100 g/dm2
d) Total motor capacity: 6.5 cc
e) Fuel: unrestricted.
f) Venturi: unrestricted. Sub-piston induction permitted.
g) Muffler(s) not required in non-noise sensitive areas.
Two pieces of stranded wire, each of a minimum diameter 0.40 mm, must be visibly and safely attached between the bell crank bolt and the engine [not the mounting bolts].
1. Control lines shall be multi-strand of a minimum diameter of 0.4 mm. No free ends capable of entangling an opponent’s lines shall be permitted.
2. Control line length: 18.3 metres +/- 40 mm.
3. Line connectors shall be of a closed overlapping loop style similar to an elongated key ring. However, key rings and all other types of connectors are not permitted.
4. Pull Test: The model control mechanism from the handle and including the model shall withstand a 32g pull test which load shall be held for five seconds prior to each heat.
4.6.4. JUDGES and TIMEKEEPERSThe organiser shall appoint a panel of three judges. Two timekeeper/scorers shall be allocated to each competitor.
4.6.5. Streamer size shall be 50 mm wide by 2.5 metres long, attached by a string leader 2 metres long, plus 0.250 metres for the purpose of tying to the model.
4.6.6. Pilots may leave the centre circle to start their motors without incurring loss of points or flight cancellation.
4.6.7. There is no time limit for becoming airborne.
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