Simple Rat Race

Simple Rat Race

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Sinple Rat Race



Simple 2.5cc Rat Race

9.1. General
Simple rat race is similar to 2.5cc rat race, but using low price non-racing engines. The racing should be close with no teams possessing an overwhelming advantage. Rat Race rules shall apply unless specifically changed by these rules.
9.2. Circle Layout
The layout shall consist of 2 concentric circles which shall be marked out on grass. (or concrete in exceptional circumstances)
9.2.1. The pitting circle: Radius 19.6 metres
9.2.2. The centre circle: Radius 3 metres
9.3. Characteristics of a Simple Rat Race model
9.3.1. Maximum Engine capacity: 2.5 cc
9.3.2. Engine shall be an unmodified, non racing engine. The following engines are currently acceptable. Plain Bearing: O.S, Enya, PAW, Thunder Tiger, Taipan, Webra and Silver Swallow. Ball Race: Taipan BR diesel. Other engines may be acceptable at the C.D’s discretion, provided they fit into the spirit of the event (Prior approval required).
9.3.3. A commercially available wood, nylon or glass reinforced nylon propeller must be used. (ie no Carbon or Glass Epoxy props eg Bolly,Supercool etc)
9.3.4. Model design is unrestricted but engines shall be uncowled.
9.3.5. Fuel system shall be suction feed only. No crankcase pressure, bladders or pacifiers are permitted.
9.3.6. A fuel shut-off must be fitted to all simple rat race models. The model must be able to land within 10 laps at the C.D.’s request.
9.4. Control Systems
9.4.1. Line Length: The length of the control lines must be 15.92 +100 – 0mm. The length is measured from the face of the grip on the control handle to the centre line of the model.
9.4.2. Control lines: two multi-strand control line wires of a minimum diameter of 0.3mm must be used.
9.4.3. Line test: A pull test of 20g shall be applied for 5 seconds to the model/line combination.
9.5. Conduct of Races
9.5.1. Race shall consist of 2 heats and a final. The three highest heat scores will go into the final.
9.5.2. Heat time will be 5 minutes with one compulsory pitstop.
9.5.3. Final time will be 10 minutes with two compulsory pitstops.
9.5.4. Whipping is not permitted except on take-off and landing.
9.6. Safety
9.6.1. Mechanics must wear a safety helmet fitted with a chin strap worn under the chin.
9.6.2. Pitting segments must be used at all times.
9.6.3. Landing models shall clear the lines of models being pitted by at least 200mm.
9.6.4. Dangerous flying may lead to disqualification.
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