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CLAMF Competition 13th August 2023

August 29th, 2023 by admin

Navy Carrier & 27 Goodyear. The CLAMF monthly competition took place on Sunday August 13th. Scheduled events for the day were Carrier Deck and 27 Diesel Goodyear team race.

CLAMF Competition 13th August 2023 Navy Carrier & 27 Goodyear

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The setting up of the HMAS Seaford deck can sometimes be dependent on the days ground conditions and the prevailing weather but no such problems on this chilly morning and only a light breeze welcomed our five eager contestants. The sun did manage to poke through the clouds on a few occasions which warmed up the proceedings. Four pilots flew the two contest rounds but Harry was unfortunate to have his engine stop mid flight during the seven slow laps and could not re-start the engine as the needle had come out of the carburettor and was lost at sea.

Tim Cooper used his Hellcat model powered by an electric motor. He was the only competitor to use flaps and that assisted him to fly some nice slow laps. During his first flight he miss judged his landing approach and touched the water/grass but his second flight he landed on the deck on his first approach.

Mark Ellins missed two of his landing approaches which resulted in a 10 point reduction in his landing point allocation.

Paul was the only pilot to obtain his highest score in round one and Murray’s second flight score was the best of the day and earned him first place.

Thanks to Colin Ray and Andrew Nugent for doing the timekeeping and filling in the score sheets.

Following on after the conclusion of carrier deck and the lunchtime sausage BBQ it was time for some 27 Diesel Goodyear team race. With some mixing and matching of team members we had some two up races. Colin Ray piloted for Murray Wilson to set the fastest time of the day of 5:05.50. Ken Hunting was pitting his Fora powered model and progressively improved his three race times and Tim Cooper had Murray Wilson doing the pitting duties to do a personal best race for Tim of 5:12.42.

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