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CLAMF Competition 9th July 2023

July 30th, 2023 by admin

Combined Speed & Combined Stunt. The wintery day was not suitable for the scheduled Classic Stunt competition because of the strong winds but Combined Speed was achievable. Four competitors had a successful days flying but Ken and Harry either had model problems or unplanned landings that prevented them recording and flight times.

CLAMF Competition 9th July 2023 Combined Speed & Combined Stunt

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Harry had the Class 1 OS CZ11PS engine that broke the con rod on its last outing. The con rod has been replaced by Robin Hiern and the distorted cylinder re-worked to a useable condition. Harry had been searching to purchase a replacement competitive engine to use in Class 1 but it seems that since Nova Rossi and OS have ceased engine production there is no longer an available suitable engine for this class of speed.

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