About CLAMF Aerosports

About CLAMF Aerosports

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 About CLAMF Aerosports

The purpose of the CLAMF Aerosports website is to stimulate interest in the hobby/sport of building and flying control line model aircraft.

 The purpose of CLAMF Aerosports is:

  • To educate the public interested in model aircraft and to provide a family-friendly and enjoyable environment to participate in the discipline of model Aerosports with like-minded individuals.
  • Maintain a safe flying environment for the recreational use of model aircraft under the provisions set forth by the CLAMF, VMAA (Victorian Model Aircraft Association) and MAAA (Model Aircraft Association of Australia).
  • Provide an alternate form of recreation that engages our youth that offers positive influence and promotes leadership and responsibility
  • Facilitate and promote the education of model Aerosports flying through club fellowship.
  • To provide flight training for multiple types disciplines including free flight. The interests of club members are diverse with many different types of aircraft and propulsion systems. We have novice/amateur/expert pilots, mechanics, instructors and engineers with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Be a resource and a ‘Centre of Excellence’ to new people entering into model Aerosports.


CLAMF Aerosports members represent a broad cross-section of career fields and every one of them has one thing in common – excellence.

Membership base is drawn from a wide demographic with some members residing in country regions. CLAMF Aerosports also has the enviable position of having interstate and international affiliates who regularly take the opportunity to compete in local competitions.

Category VMAA & MAAA CLAMF Investment 12 Months Investment 6 Months (Jan 1st)
Junior (under 18 years) $72.00 $48.00 $120.00 $60.00
Senior $144.00 $121.00 $265.00 $132.50
Pensioner $144.00 $101.00 $245.00 $122.50
Associate Snr N/A $121.00 $121.00 $60.50
Associate Pens N/A $101.00 $101.00 $50.50
Life $144.00 N/A $144.00 N/A

** 6 month membership available from Jan 1st (new members or not affiliated in the previous 12 months)
** Subscription to ACLN (Australian Control Line News) add $35.00 or $15.00 e-mail copy only

Control line (also called U-Control ) is a simple and light way of controlling a flying model aircraft. The aircraft is connected to the operator by a pair of lines, attached to a handle, that work the elevator of the model. This allows the model to be controlled in the pitch axis. It is constrained to fly on the surface of a hemisphere by the control lines. There is also a control system that uses only a single solid wire that is twisted around its own axis, that spins a spiral inside the airplane to move the elevator. While it can be used with some success on any type of model, it is best for speed models where the reduced aerodynamic drag of the single line is a significant advantage. The control provided is not as precise as the two-line control system. The control lines are usually either stranded or solid wires of anywhere from 0.008 in (0.20 mm) to 0.021 in (0.53 mm). Sewing thread or fishing line may be used instead of wires to control very small models, but its air resistance is greater. A third line is sometimes used to control the engine throttle, and more lines may be added to control other functions. Electrical signals sent over the wires are sometimes used in scale models to control functions such as retracting undercarriage and flaps. Almost all control-line models are powered with conventional model aircraft engines of various types. But it is possible to fly control-line models that do not use on-board propulsion, in a mode called “whip-powered”, where the pilot “leading” the model with his arm and wind supply the necessary energy to keep the airplane aloft, in a fashion similar to kite-flying.

Where are we?

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