Classic Stunt

Take part in a relaxed Classic Stunt competition at CLAMF Aerosports...

Classic FAI Team Racing

Get into Classic FAI Team racing. The fastest growing C/L event in Australia !

Navy Carrier

If you can fly level then have a go at Navy Carrier. Simply take-off from the deck, complete 7 fast and 7 slow laps then use the arrestor hook to land back on the deck !

Classic B Team Racing

Enjoy exciting racing with 60s style reproduction racers from the golden era...


Spills and thrills a plenty in Combat. Two competitors and their machines battle it out for supremacy...


Lots of Speed classes to choose from, Perky, Proto, 2CC all the way to International F2A - get into Speed !

Open Combat

The most frantic, exhilarating and scariest combat event there is. These big beasts create awesome amounts of brute force delivering the ultimate combat experience !

F2B Aerobatics

The only internationally recognised stunt competition class available today. Step up and compete against the rest of the world in F2B Aerobatics...

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Latest Updates

CLAMF Competition 14th February 2016

Speed & Navy Carrier. Good weather greeted us for the comp day although it was a little hot! Only Speed was run once again thanks to our regular timekeeper Ron Savage and Phil Wake, read more

Control Line Grand Prix Dec 27th – 30th

Classic Stunt, Speed, Team Racing & Combat. It’s not often a 4 day competition is blessed with near perfect flying conditions throughout especially given the C/L Grand Prix location was in read more

CLAMF Competition 22nd November 2015

Classic Stunt  & Speed. Beautiful weather greeted competitors at CLAMF. It was nothing short of magnificent! In fact it would have one of the best flying days in recent memory.  read more

CLAMF Competition 18th October 2015

Classic Stunt  & Coreflute Combat. Beautiful weather greeted CLAMF members and visitors at the monthly comp day in October. Activities included Classic FAI T/R testing on the hard read more

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