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CLAMF Competition 21st July 2019

July 26th, 2019 by admin

Speed and Classic Stunt.  Our speed contest for the 14th was washed/blown out, in fact after we left there was a lake beside the circle with ducks swimming, so we planned to have it the following weekend. The weather was not good during the week and did not look promising on Sunday morning but we went anyway, well it turned out a great day, not much wind, in fact we even managed to fly Classic Stunt, and NO rain. The usual guys turned up to have some fun.

CLAMF Competition 21st July 2019

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You will see by the results that Murray flew an extra entry, no we have not cloned him or his identical twin, he was flying some of the late Noel Wakes models that his brother Phil wanted to see fly again. Also Mark ## flew his OS CZ11 Class 1 on short lines again to practice pylon rotation in training for his FAI class so really Harry won the OS class!

I flew both my NR models, which are going slow, my fancy so called better one is slower than an old more basic one [moral is you don’t need a fancy NR to go fast]I still have my old No 1 resting. We flew Perky but as we only had 2 entrants we cannot get and average as winner is determined by closest to average. Paul returned to fly, as he started the Perky class here, I used an old OS 15 diesel, not one of OS’s finest products, they per-form better on E-BAY $$$.

No one flew FAI for a change, they are having a rest?? Just out having fun, which is what it is all about. Does anyone know if Nelson plugs are still made, I have tried the guy that took over Nelsons stuff but got no answer, Steve Roth-well had some but not now, we need about 100. Still looking for a TRANSITRACE unit, Harry contacted Goran Olsen, but he has sold all of his last batch and won’t do another run until there is enough interest to makea batch. He now has our club on the interested list.

We have a few alternatives we are working on as getting one will help relieve our regular timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake.
Murray has nearly finished his Class 5 [.21] model with a Nova Rossi .21[what else] I did for someone ages ago. After speed we then flew classic stunt, we had 4 entrants, would have been 5 but Col Collyer pulled out with motor problems, may have had more but looking at the preceding weeks weather, Stunt would have been the last thing on your mind. That has always been the advantage of Frankston many time weather looks hopeless yet we have a great day.
Robin Hiern.

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 16.31 16.68 16.72 16.31 220.72 98.22%
2 M.Wilson 2 Class 1 Novarossi 12 17.33 17.28 17.63 17.28 208.33 92.71%
3 M.ELLINS ####### Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 17.42     17.42 206.66 91.96%
4 M.Wilson 1 Class 1 OS 12 tz 18.16 18.08 18.49 18.08 199.12 88.61%
5 K Hunting 1/2 A PROTO   N.E.L 31.78 29.59 29.59 121.66 87.12%
6 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 20.15 20.35   20.15 178.66 79.50%
7 H Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 37.89 36.24   36.24 159.87 78.67%
8 R Hiern Proto Novarossi 28 NT         0.00%

Classic Stunt Results.

Model/Engine Points

1st Murray Wilson OS 35S/Nobler 613
2nd Mark Ellins ST46/Kittyhawk 564
3rd Andrew Nugent OS46LA/Nobler 548
4th Harry Bailey Double Star 40/Dolphin 485



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