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CLAMF Competition 16th June 2019

June 27th, 2019 by admin

Classic FAI and Vintage A Team Race.  The regular monthly contest at the Frankston Club was held on Sunday June 16th. The weather during the preceding week had been horrible but the Sunday turned out to be a calm sunny day and was enjoyed by those that chose to take advantage of the flying opportunity.

CLAMF Competition 16th June 2019

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Vintage A and Classic FAI team race took place with two heats in each event. All teams opted not to fly a final raceThere was plenty of non-competition spare time to test fly some models, do some sports flying and run a few engines. Harry Bailey.

Classic FAI T/R Results.

Pl. Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Engine

  1. K. Hunting/H. Bailey 4:36.15 4:33.75 Parra
  2. A. Nugent/M. Ellins 4:47.55 4:38.87 R250
  3. M. Wilson/N. Baker 5:09.35 4:39.50 Nelson ABC

Vintage A T/R Results.

Pl. Team                               Heat 1   Heat 2   Model/Engine

  1. M. Wilson/N. Baker 3:18.97 3:27.18 Olympian/R250
  2. A. Nugent/M. Ellins 3:22.38 3:20.97 Dimpled Dumpling/R250
  3. H. Bailey/K. Hunting 4:04.38 3:47.72 Olympian/C.S. Oliver







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