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Proposed Rule Changes

February 21st, 2013 by admin

Attached are five (5) files that comprise the “broadly agreed” c/l rules changes.

Main file is the clause by clause changes that we (Vic) compiled from mostly Graeme’s notes.

Other files are two replacement sections and two new sections.

Two replacements – for Speed (from various people but also incorporating Class 1 line size up to 0.4mm) and F2D Modified (from Mike Comiskey, changed to Australian Fast Combat)

Two new sections – for Classic FAI T/R (from Andrew with some changes as suggested by Maris) and Vintage Combat (from Maris collated from various including us / Harry).

Summary of all changes:

Remove “Builder of model” requirement for Speed to open up proxy entries
Add safety rules for electric models
Replace Speed section with content from supporting document (updated to include increasing the line diameter for Class 1 to 0.4mm)
Change linkages to FAI F2 (T/R, combat) rules to fix them to those in effect as at January 2012.

Replace F2D Modified section with content from supporting document Australian Fast Combat

Adjust Classic Stunt pull test to 10G and eligibility cutoff date to 1971

Add new Classic FAI T/R section with content from supporting document

Add new Vintage Combat section with content from supporting document

General changes to address wording, grammar and errors.



SA Vintage Combat proposal Feb 2013

MAAA Control Line rules proposals for 2013 – 20130212

MAAA CL Speed Rules Update 20130211

Classic FAI TR rules 11-2-2013

Australian fast combat 7-2-13


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