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CLAMF Competition 19th May 2019

May 30th, 2019 by admin

Speed & Coreflute Combat.  This month’s scheduled contests at the Frankston field were Combined Speed and Coreflute Combat. The sun was shining and in the early part of the day the wind was very light. Ideal flying conditions. A mixed bag of assorted models were set up in the pit area and all models were given a line check and pull test. They all passed.

CLAMF Competition 19th May 2019

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Robin Hiern was the first to fly with his Proto model. He was hoping to produce enough speed to try to re-claim the class record that was set by Francis Jacobsen at the recent Nationals. His one and only flight was not a good setting and after a model inspection the model was found to have a breakage in the engine mounting plate.

Murray Wilson had more than his required three flights with his F2A model and he managed to produce better times than he could generate at the recent Nationals.

Harry Bailey flew three classes, one of which was a Proto model that was built by Noel Wake. He also recorded a personal best time with his F2A model but used the combined speed yolk in the pylon. He needs more F2A pylon yolk practice.

Ken Hunting flew a couple of 1.5cc classes (Midge and 1/2A Proto). Andrew Nugent put in three consistent flights with his FAI model and a couple with his Class 1 Novarossi 12 powered model.

Mark Ellins had a problem with his Profi engine in his F2A model so did not record a time.. The carbide weight in the crankshaft counterbalance came loose.


Pos. Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %

1. M. Wilson FAI Profi 12.75 12.73 12.48 12.48 288.46 96.88%

2. R. Hiern Proto Novarossi 21 29.65 29.65 195.40 96.16%

3. K. Hunting 1/2 A Proto Fora 27.73 27.65 27.65 130.20 93.24%

4. H. Bailey FAI Profi 13.45 13.45 267.66 89.89%

5. A. Nugent Class 1 Novarossi 12 18.28 18.23 18.23 197.48 87.88%

6. H. Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 20.63 20.33 19.75 19.75 182.28 81.11%

7. K. Hunting Midge PAW N.E.L N.E.L 11.19 11.19 129.44 79.09%

8. H. Bailey Proto Force 21 40.95 36.25 36.25 159.82 78.65%

9. A. Nugent FAI Rossi 15 FI. 16.15 16.06 16.31 16.06 224.16 75.28%






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