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CLAMF Competition 13th November 2016

November 18th, 2016 by admin

Speed & Combat. Once again despite the bad forecast for high winds and rain we had a great day at Frankston. It often happens we go down to field thinking it will have to be held the following week, but due to its sheltered nature we can still fly. A few could not come due to previous engagements and some thought the weather was too bad to fly despite the bad forecast of rain and wind we managed to have a good day of speed flying with the usual regulars turning up for some fun.

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The regulars turned up for a bit of flying. Murray has a new Class 2 model with an old ST G21/29 RV in it which went ok but on second flight went lean and at end of flight prop was windmilling.That is why I have a cut-out on my 2 line models.

Noel flew Vintage Proto with his Chatterbox with Enya 29 which had a bad vibration. This model still bounces badly on landing something that Vern’s model did as well. Speaking of Vern he is slowly getting better and we hope to see him down one day even if for a chat and coffee.

I flew my old Moki S6T piped classic FAI first flight ok but tried another prop and would not come on pipe so I also flew my No. 2 Class 5 Novarossi. Noel was the only one to fly Perky so he must be the winner. We really need minimum of 3 so you can average times as winner is closest to average.

Harry flew his Golden Arrow Class one with OS PS11. We did a bit of an experiment after first flight and put one of my old props on then for the third flight we used my fuel and that took a second off time. With a bit more fiddling we should achieve times into the 16 seconds.

We have had a bad run with weather lately and the Knox club have been trying to have a club day for over 3 months either blown out or a flooded field. CLAMF has not held a contest since May except for 3 speed contests. I believe if a contest is on we must try to fly or people will drift off.

Andrew is developing a new calendar for next year and he would like your input of what you would like to fly so please let him know. As for speed the guys would like more club comps as we only had 4 this year, with 6 being the preferred. I will send a rough draft of what Andrew proposes so you can check out and comment.  It has 5 in at present we need to slot another in somewhere.

Knox Model Aircraft Club (KMAC) have asked us to fly speed so we should  think of dates for there as well for the their calendar. To avoid flying on a stunt day as the stunt guys don’t like us flying when they fly as what happened one state champs  we could only fly between stunt flights and then asked why it took so long to fly! I thought it was all aeromodelling..

I would like to thank our timekeepers Ron Savage and Phil Wake again as well as Fiona for BBQ lunch also the guys that turned up so we could have some FUN.

Robin Speed…

Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine F1 F2 F3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 15.07 15.28 14.89 14.89 241.77 90.19%
2 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ11 PS 18.73 18.41 17.29 17.29 208.21 86.21%
3 M.Wilson Class 2 ST G21/29 13.74 13.97   13.74 210.83 72.05%
4 R Hiern Classic FAI Moki S6T 20.04 NT NT 20.04 179.64 70.36%
5 N Wake Vintage Proto Enya 29 NEL 54.37 NEL 54.37 106.56 55.82%
6 R Hiern Vint/FAI Moki S3 NT NT NT     0.00%
  N Wake PERKY Force 15 43.54 46.32 46.56 43.54 133.06  



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