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CLAMF Competition 18th October 2015

October 28th, 2015 by admin

Classic Stunt  & Coreflute Combat. Beautiful weather greeted CLAMF members and visitors at the monthly comp day in October. Activities included Classic FAI T/R testing on the hard surface. Some bang up flying by the Baddock kids with great applause from the crowd as the duo flew 2 up for the first time. Good on them and good on Keith who kept the models flying during the ordeal.

CLAMF Competition 18th October 2015

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Harry in action !

Mark and I were persevering with our Parra powered Orion Team racer. These engines continue to be a challenge!!!

1 round of Classic Stunt was flown before lunch, with 4 competitors enjoying the conditions. Harry thrilled the spectators and amazed fellow competitors with an interpretation of the Classic Stunt pattern that defied gravity and line tension. Thanks to Peter R. for a top notch job of judging stunt.

Mark did a delectable job on the BBQ twirling the sausages, with everyone enjoying the lunch break and a social chat before a second round of stunt and some corflute combat bouts from Ken and Tony.

Highlight of the day for me was watching Murray assemble his new Yatsenko Stunt model with the help of Mark and Paul. The result – a completed ready-to-fly model sitting on the table in less than 20 minutes. Another highlight was Steve and Peter K. getting into the groove piloting Vintage Combat models with BIG grins all around.

A great day of activities at our field in Seaford, enhanced by some beautiful weather,

Regards to all,

Andrew Nugent.

Classic Stunt results

Pos Name Model Engine Points
1 P. Koch Jazzer Stalker 61 467
2 P. Stein Nobler Brodak 40 440
3 A. Nugent Nobler OS LA46 425
3 H. Bailey Classic Red Fox 35 244
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