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CLAMF Competition 14th September 2014

September 17th, 2014 by admin

Vintage A & Classic FAI Team race. Sunday, 14th September turned out to be the perfect flying day down at CLAMF for some club racing in Vintage A and Classic FAI. Gentle breezes with a touch of Spring sunshine meant the weather gods were smiling. It prompted a good roll up and those that arrived were able to wish Graeme Wilson a very happy birthday and help devour his most impressive birthday cake (see pictures). A big thank you to Graeme for running both the racing events.

CLAMF Competition 14th September 2014, Vintage A & Classic FAI Team Race

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Vintage A team race model line-up.

Vintage A was first up.  Mark Ellins arrived with his almost finished R250 Tomahawk for all to see.  Should be ready to test in the coming weeks.  As is usual in our club comps these days, mixing and matching of pitmen and pilots is encouraged. Getting models into the air is the most important factor.
John Hallowell and Andrew Nugent set the ball rolling with a competitive 3.19.85 with the red Dimpled Dumpling. John also flew his Pluto with Keith Baddock as he was at the field giving flying lessons to his children, Nathan and Catherine. Both are now flying very well and it won’t be long before Nathan is ready for a bout of real combat. The Pluto two stopped a 3.42.91.

After some highly successful Vintage A results of second places in both Poland in the Dennis Ward Trophy and England in the British Nats, Harry Bailey left his good gear at home flew the old blue Olympian with Peter Roberts.  Two times in the 3.40’s reflected the difference between the real competition racers and the models used in club events. Ken Hunting had Mark Ellins doing some flicking for him, but the model was not working as it should and they could not get a decent time recorded on Graeme’s notepad.

Classic FAI was on straight after our usual BBQ lunch.  Thanks Mark, for being Chef of the day.  John and Andrew had arrived at the field early to test John’s new red Tiger. With the same ‘good’ old Parra, it proved faster than the Nats winning yellow Tiger with a best of low 22’s/10. With the new Parras just days away from being ready, the expectation of more record breaking times is soon to become reality. Can’t wait to see what CFAI heat record holder Murray Wilson will do with his!
With Keith helping out in the pits again, John flew his Fora powered orange Tiger for a time of 3.38.75.  Also using a Fora were Andrew and Mark who posted a n easy paced 3.35.97.

Then Paul Stein arrived with his Espadon. Paul had been detained with ISP problems at work but finally got to the circle.  Andrew offered to fly and after a tuning heat,  Paul sorted out a setting and set an FTD of 4.28.38. Harry and Peter had again left the good gear at home, content to sort out other models in the hope of a quick heat.  Not this time, though as they did not dip under 5 minutes for the 100 lap heat with two compulsory stops. Ron Lacey had been doing some work on his Fora and…my goodness…did it have some revs and airspeed!!  However, the engine was operating on the edge and was prone to go over compressed so a consistent setting proved elusive on the day.  Mark my words…when Ron gets his gear all sorted out he will become a regular in Classic FAI finals.

John Hallowell
VH 1984.

Vintage A Team Race Rd 1 Rd 2
1 J.Hallowell/A.Nugent 3:19.85  DNS
2 J.Hallowell/K.Baddock  3:42.91  DNS
3 H.Bailey/P.Roberts 3:39:56 3:46:81
4 K.Hunting/M.Ellins 4:20.32 4:27.78
Classic FAI Team Race Rd 1 Rd 2
1 A.Nugent/P.Stein 5:25.16 4:28.38
2 A.Nugent/M.Ellins  DNF 69 4:35:97
3 J.Hallowell/K.Baddock 4:38.75 DNS
4 H.Bailey/P.Roberts   5:22.38 5:02.22
5 K.Hunting/R.Lacey 6:36.84




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