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CLAMF Competition 9th December 2012

December 9th, 2012 by admin

Speed & Nats Practice. It was a fairly lay back flying day today at CLAMF.  A blustery southerly wind made for difficult conditions at the field. This combined with fine dust being blown from the motor bike track next door, made conditions unfavourable for flying. But fly we did. Combined speed was on the calendar and Robin, Noel  and I rolled out the lines for a fly.

Robin flew a Proto 21 model , which is yet to reach its potential. He also flew his Perky as did Noel and I. Noel had 1 flight with his new Perky and I had 2 good flights with my new model.

After speed the BBQ was fired up and then a few people decided to test models for the upcoming 66th C/L Nationals in Abury.  Previous member Martin Ditchburn and his son came for a fly after having his interest rekindled post the fantastic C/L Reunion in November.  A difficult day for flying but with our beautiful club house for shelter and coffee, it’s always good to get down to the field.

Regards to all and Merry Christmas,

Andrew Nugent.


CLAMF Competition 9th December 2012

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A lovely spread of Speed models...

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